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IQ Management Consultancy Group, Egypt, operates through a wide network of associate local and international specialist consultants. This means we can perfectly match each assignment with the right expertise. Our consultants possess the invaluable quality of balancing excellent academic records with extensive practical experience. IQ is proud to recruit only those consultants with superior intelligence and winning personalities.

The following are key individuals that support the group:

Dr. Tarek Hatem, PhD.

Dr. Hatem is a certified management consultant from the Institute of Management Consultancy in the UK. He is Professor of Strategic Management and Head of Entrepreneurship and Leadership at the American University in Cairo.

Dr. Hatem earned his PhD in Strategic Management from the University of Colorado, USA, in 1986, and his masters degree in Public Administration from the same institution. In Egypt he is renowned as a consultant in the areas of strategic management, business planning, and organizational restructuring, and is Chairman of the Egyptian Management Consultants Association.

With more than 20 years of consultancy experience, Dr. Hatem has been widely consulted by government departments, NGOs, and private sector businesses. He was responsible for staff training and development during the restructuring of several holding companies as part of the privatization process. He is also a board member of several prominent Egyptian companies, including Orascom Construction Industries, and Egyptian Sun for Agricultural Development.

Hamdy Rashad, MBA.
Eng. Hamdy obtained his MBA from Duquesne University in the USA. He has more than 30 years of professional experience, the greater part of which was with the leading multinational General Electric (GE), where he was extensively involved in project management and implementation in the global business environment. Building on this experience he was one of the pioneers in the fields of finance, securities brokerage, and investment banking in Egypt. His company El Rashad has become one of the leading investment banks in Egypt.

Eng. Hamdy also has invaluable experience in privatization and company valuation gained when he was Managing Director of the Public Enterprise Office, responsible for the privatization of public sector companies.

IQ Management is associated with over than 300 experts with diversified expertise in core functions of the firm. Their experience varies from less than ten years up to more than forty five of business and consulting work. IQ maintains an electronic database of all associated experts. The database with records and data items of different attributes would allow identify and retrieve associated experts with the right expertise for specific needs.

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